Monthly Archives: October 2014

Hello Hello!

It has been a very long time since I last wrote. My current job is going very well and I like the people that I work with. Today I did a mock interview and I realized when it was my turn to ask questions, that I forgot a very important one. “How would you, as an IT manager deal with an employee with burnout?” Honest to God, that is a very important question to me and I regret not asking it.

I personally feel that it isn’t something that is addressed by IT Management in many organizations, and if I were to accept an offer in any organization, I would need to know the answer to this question.

In the last place that I worked, there was high turnaround. I’ve also noticed that the people around me were cynical, irritable, and unsatisfied with what they were doing. There was an attitude of “They pay me, and I show up.” This brief description reveals just some of the symptoms of burnout.

Others may include being exhausted all the time, feeling stressed about painfully dull or overwhelming tasks, feeling like nothing you do matters or is appreciated, and that caring is a total waste of energy.

Management should take stock and become aware of what this is because it’s serious and attacks productivity. More importantly, there should already be procedures in place to helpĀ an employee with burnout. These could be stress management training, an acknowledgement or show of appreciation, encouraging vacation days, or even psychological services, or all of the above.

As a lab manager at City Tech, I spoke to my college assistants, I made sure that they knew that they were being listened to and that their opinion was important to me, even if it differed from my own. Sometimes, that’s all it takes.