Monthly Archives: February 2014


I recently had to stop and say that to myself because in a span of two weeks, so much has changed with me. For starters, I’ve decided on a new major and I have been interviewing people in the industry about it. Everyone has been super helpful and I even found the program that I want to start.  I love it!

I’ve also collaborated with my friends at 2020 gamer, and we just posted a new discussion about kids and gaming. It was awesome, we had fun, and I would love it if you’d show me some love and click here. There will be more articles and more discussions from us, so check the site for new postings, or check my site for updates.

Lastly, I have the first part of my last project ready for posting later this week. What’s unfortunate is that the project has been slightly delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. It will of course be explained over a series of blogs which will be posted right here.

Stay Tuned!