Monthly Archives: November 2013


Happy Monday!

I am definitely not in the custom of saying that, but it’s a very¬†short special week. Yes, Thanksgiving week. Cooking will be a family effort, but each of us have a unique set of cooking talents that really make Thanksgiving dinner a fun together effort. I can also proudly add yet another skill to my arsenal…




Yes Oh yes! This batch is from my very first attempt, and I must say they were quite successful. Crunchy, garlicky, and delicious.

Other Updates

My latest project is complete. I have a working prototype of an online radio station up and running at djeasylive. Now, there is so much that I need to explain about this project, so in the coming days, there will be a series of articles just about this from start to finish. Until then, check it out. There’s only one song playing on loop at the moment, but the site will be evolving over the course of next year in a big way.